Theem College Of Engineering (Theem COE) is promoted by the H.J.Thim Trust, which has been founded to educate and empower the youth who play a decisive role in shaping the destiny of the nation. The College is located at Boisar (East) in serene and tranquil surroundings and was established in the year 2009 with an objective to impart quality education to students in the field of Technology. Theem COE has emerged as the only Premier Engineering College in Boisar with an overall intake of 540 students in various fields of engineering.


To become a Centre of Excellence In Technical & Professional Education.


1. To commit for high standards in technical and professional education.
2. To impart quality professional education through ICT initiatives and project based learning.
3. To nurture technocrats and professionals with ethics and human values

Quality Policy

To pursue global standards in all our endeavors namely – teaching, skill-empowering, ICT initiatives and project based learning through continuous processes with self-evaluation.

Quality Objectives

• To follow the conformity of the regulatory requirements of Mumbai University, Govt. of Maharashtra, AICTE, DTE, MSBTE, NAAC and NBA.
• To continue the improvement of teaching aids with modern tools and learning facilities.
• To facilitate specialized workshop for project based learning.
• To enhance employability through school finishing initiative.
• To organize Industry Institute Interaction Program, Seminars and STTP for knowledge enhancement and skill-empowerment.
• To monitor academic quality improvement to ensure the earliest corrective action in the event of any non-conformity.
• To measure stakeholders’ satisfaction level periodically through feedback reports.
• To measure success in university examinations and overall students’ placement through campus interviews.
• To engage stakeholders through social, ethical and community service activities.
• To commit ourselves to these quality objectives to ensure that they are known, understood and implemented by all members of the institute.

• Global Competence:
We promote the young minds as the world inheritance through imparting a broad range of knowledge, skills and practice on cutting edge technologies by project based learning for global competence. The teaching, research activities and mentoring of students endorse holistic and sustainable development towards technical competence across the discipline. The ecosystem stimulates students to communicate their ideas globally and transfer it into proper actions to discover solution for the problems.
• Academic Excellence:
To attain academic excellence, our educational programmes initiate knowledge acquisition, international skill sets and professional traits to achieve career advancement, personal enhancement, leadership and service to the mankind. The teaching excellence permeates every aspects of our endeavour setting ambitious academic goals. Students are motivated for revolution in technical learning through innovative approach and for working with others to attract the best minds into the revolution and creation.
• Foster Entrepreneurship:
Entrepreneurship plays an important role in global trade and economy as well as an essential element for the growth of a person and an organization. Fostering entrepreneurship is an important component of education for all segments of the institute. Entrepreneurial motivation strengthens the aspects of personality that drives individuals to become entrepreneurs in their chosen career or occupation.
• Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics:
The institute aligns the educational programme to sensitize the local issues and prepares students for interdisciplinary solutions of contemporary issues as the leaders and global citizens. Students learn continually putting efforts to seek the perspectives of others as theirs. The learning environment inculcates the knowledge of being responsible, principled behaviour, professional etiquette and respect of all the members of community and society.

Institution Offers Courses on Human Values and Professional Ethics

Course on Human Values and Professional Ethics:

The University of Mumbai Curriculum has many subjects which covers partially on human values and professional ethics. The following few subjects FEC 206 (All branches) – Communication Skills and EEL 501/ECL 503/ITL 505/MEL506/CE 507/AEL506/CSL 505 (subjects corresponding to Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Information Technology, Mechanical, Civil, Automobile and Computer engineering respectively) – Business Communication and Ethics help the student community to learn various interpersonal skills for conscious attempt of social activities and how to improve one‘s personality to communicate with others. It inculcates the Human Values that develops tolerance for ambiguity, uncertainty in human contact, self-learning to understand harmony in self and the entire existence. It also indoctrinates them through national festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Engineers Day, and Teacher’s Day and counselled through Anti-Ragging Cell, Blood Donation Camp and Mentor-Mentee System.

Professional Ethics is the conduct of quality workmanship to build professional reputation, successful and influenced circumstances to open doors either in the workplace or in personal ambition. Through teaching-learning process, students get training on the following: Presentation on Interpersonal Skills, Project Report, Role Play and Case Studies on corporate world industries for individual personality development and group activities in practical sessions. The Training and Placement Cell creates a learning ambience to have wonderful practice on Mock – interview, group discussion, aptitude tests, etc. for promoting responsibility, principled behaviour, respect the discipline of the entire members of the community.




Education is not only an act of acquiring knowledge but also learning skills to lead life and develop one’s personality in the process of growth. I humbly say that Theem College of Engineering has excelled in every initiative with its team applying holistic approach while standing together in the face of challenges for providing quality education to students. I wish staff, parents & students a very bright and prosperous future.



Welcome to a new beginning! A new beginning, where you realize, your true potential, where you create your own path, where you invent a new future, where you become a true leader. Transforming dreams into realities through excellence in technical education is our motto at H. J. Thim trust’s Theem College of Engineering. I congratulate the principal, staff & the students for their achievements as a consequence of their selfless dedication to their assign roles & responsibilities.

Dr. N.K Rana


Theem College Of Engineering continues to evolve as each generation of students give its support to further enhance the tradition of excellence in education and extraordinary success. I feel unlimited happiness to go through the notable achievements of all and believe that this college breaks the barriers to move forward confidently in academic, technical and co and extra-curricular activities. It has been made possible to bring the college scale in new highs by the extraordinary vision and plan of our entire team of the college.

Dr. Riyazuddin Siddiqui


I am privileged and delighted to be a part of H.J. Thim Trust’s THEEM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, which is growing at a fast pace and thriving hard to gain a respectful standing among the contemporary institutes. Theem college has been actively involved in various activities which has exposed and helped extract the hidden talents of both the students and staff and has made its growth rich. The college is simply unstoppable in its path to progress with its highly devoted and dedicated staffs. I am sure that the college will scale even greater heights in the years to come and serve many more millions in the society.